IOM believes that a healthy life starts with healthy strategies. For example, we recognize that active participation in the community often leads to a higher level of satisfaction. Too often the voices of persons served are not heard. IOM listens and cultivates in individuals the development of choices, personal strengths, and positive relationships.

The agency offers the following services:

Children’s Waiver Services

Assistance is provided to families to support the parent who is the primary caregiver. To be eligible, the individual must be a Medicaid-eligible enrollee and younger than 18 years old. The Support Services Specialist assists the family in facilitating independence and integration.

HAB Waivers

Community living supports and respite services are provided to individuals living in the community or with family members. These services are provided to individuals already enrolled in the Medicaid program. Support Services Specialists provide assistance as outlined in the individual plan of service. These services may include assistance with activities of daily living, community integration, socialization, relationship-building, and participation with school and community events.

Children’s SED Waiver Services

These services are enhancements or additions to services for children already receiving coverage through the Medicaid state plan. To be eligible, the individual must be eligible for the state’s SEDW waiver program. Short-term respite and community living supports are available to individuals and their families already enrolled in this program.

Self-Directed Supports

This service delivery option allows participants to actively control the supports they receive by deciding what type of assistance they would like and what agency they would like to provide them.

Licensed Residential Settings

Individuals and families that are interested in offering their loved one a home-like environment with their peers, would be interested in this form of service delivery. Regular monitoring of these homes by the state-licensing department assures implementation of the Person Centered Plan.

Semi-Independent Programs

Individuals with a developmental disability are supported in their choice to live independently by choosing where they live and with whom. Some have chosen townhouses or apartments and many choose to live with a friend, family member or another person with a disability. Individuals interested in this type of setting may or may not require 24 hours supports.

Adult Home Help

Adult Home Help is designed to give support to individuals who are unable to care for themselves adequately at home. Staff responsibilities are to assist with daily activities which allows the individual being supported to remain in their own home. Home Help Services is a program administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

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